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You need to think about this one

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I just read an article about Jacques Pepin (google him if you don't know him). He was asked what his favourite LAST meal would be.

Bread and butter was his answer (being French, no doubt it was a fresh baguette and freshly churned butter).

Got me thinking about that. We all have so many favourite "go to" foods, I really found it difficult to choose. Steak? maybe. Fish and chips? maybe. Hakka "anything"? maybe.

I finally decided what my fav meal would be. Being of Ukrainian heritage, I picked
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recipe at post 10 below

I grew up on Mom's recipe and when I was old enough, got the recipe while watching her make it. After all, it was ALL stored in her head and I was lucky enough to get it from her before she passed.

Now, my wife and I make it when cabbage is in season (usually just as winter is starting--January or so) as the heads that are usually available are too small to consider. I usually get two JUMBO size heads which makes enough for a roaster-size pan. Solely vegetarian version (no meat of any kind) is the way I was taught and the way it shall remain.

The pic above is not mine BUT looks like mine is why I include it.

Think about the meal you would have as your LAST meal and let us know.
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I love Stuffed cabbages and have no issue with it being meatless. In fact I think they would be better. Did she include rice?
How about the steps to make them?
I too make mine from what I think should be done. Its always different. So a tried and true recipe would be appreciated. Something I can make and learn to remember. TIA
My wife loves Jacques. He reminds her of my father. And yes on the fresh french baguette with fresh butter. I' not sure if thats what I want for my last meal. But it sure is good. Now all we need is a real French baguette. That is something missing in this country.
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onions and dill. Tomato juice mixed with water for primary then just tomato juice on top.

@Roll_Bones plain old long-grain rice/not parboiled or any flavoured kind (not basmati, etc). I'll dig out the recipe one of these days to oblige 😁

I've seen some recipes that use tomato sauce (too thick IMO) and even.....KETCHUP :eek:
Thanks. You can just tell me what you put in/use in the rolls. I know the steps.
I always use tomato juice or V8 for stuffed cabbages. Tomato sauce is way to think. You want to steam the cabbages and thats hard with a thick sauce. I like it thin as well.
I only rinse and soak the rice before using. I find this to be better than just putting the rice in dry. I soak it for less than 1 hour.
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1 - 2 of 21 Posts