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You need to think about this one

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I just read an article about Jacques Pepin (google him if you don't know him). He was asked what his favourite LAST meal would be.

Bread and butter was his answer (being French, no doubt it was a fresh baguette and freshly churned butter).

Got me thinking about that. We all have so many favourite "go to" foods, I really found it difficult to choose. Steak? maybe. Fish and chips? maybe. Hakka "anything"? maybe.

I finally decided what my fav meal would be. Being of Ukrainian heritage, I picked
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recipe at post 10 below

I grew up on Mom's recipe and when I was old enough, got the recipe while watching her make it. After all, it was ALL stored in her head and I was lucky enough to get it from her before she passed.

Now, my wife and I make it when cabbage is in season (usually just as winter is starting--January or so) as the heads that are usually available are too small to consider. I usually get two JUMBO size heads which makes enough for a roaster-size pan. Solely vegetarian version (no meat of any kind) is the way I was taught and the way it shall remain.

The pic above is not mine BUT looks like mine is why I include it.

Think about the meal you would have as your LAST meal and let us know.
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Hmmm.... I can think of so many things. All I could eat lobster would be a good start. Or maybe a traditional New England seafood boil. Lobster, assorted clams, potatoes and corn on the cob and seaweed all boiled in salt water then dumped on a table covered with paper.

Fish and chips from a London chip shop, Indian from almost any good Indian restaurant in London...the list goes on...
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I could do 5 lbs of shrimp if I took my time but if I had to rush it wouldn't be easy.

Buffets and "all you can eat" depends on what the options are. I can put a serious hurt on a seafood deal or really good chinese food but I've also learned not to eat to the point I'm bloated.
Mom made the mistake of picking up a 2 lb shrimp platter for me before she left on her trip and advised / warned / begged me not to eat the whole thing in one go.

I failed miserably in following her
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