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It would seem that my daughter was having issues with her boyfriend. So she and my granddaughter decided to move in with my son and his wife, and I was to give them a ride up there with their stuff. So yesterday I went to Huntington, WV and picked them and their stuff up and away we went. Made it to my son's, who I haven't seen since he was 5, he's now 32, place, and things went well. I got to hold and play with my grandson who I'd never met, he'll be 2 in August, and we all had a really good time.

Proud of my son, he's done well for himself, considering his upbringing by his mother. I raised my daughter, she's now realizing that she should have listened to me when she's younger, but I wouldn't have the granddaughter I do if she would have.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts