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Red snapper

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I had a customer give me some red snapper filets. They are big and still have the skin on them. The wife and I have never made these before. Do we filet the meat from the skin chunk it up and batter and fry it?
He also gave me some red fish. What’s a good way to cook them?
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Man it's been more years than I want to admit to since I cooked red snapper. I put the skinned fillet in a greased oven proof dish with melted butter and a couple lemon slices and some dried tarragon I think. Covered and baked at 350 for probably 20 minutes.
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If you want to skin them out the skin side down and work the knife flat to the board. Once you get it started it is as easy a peeling a banana.
Start at the tail, cut down at angle toward the head end, hold the tail with one hand while cutting.
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I've only ever eaten it grilled.🤷
Oh try it baked as I described. As I recall it is a game fish per TX and Fed laws not to be sold in fish markets. I would catch them when fishing on the charter boat New Buccaneer out of Galveston. It was in the late 70's,
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When I worked the fish market at HEB we always had whole red snapper in the counter.
Perhaps I misinterpreted the statues, just checked my local HEB and they show this.

I ain't got that kind of money.
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