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I make pot pies with both crescent rolls and big biscuit rolls.
We like chicken pot pie and beef pot pie with a crust on top
Made with big grandad rolls…

This one that I’m showing you today is pot pies that I
made with crescent rolls….

I made these delicious individual Quiches
in my little 6” pie plates…it was soo good,
Soo delicious, soo creamy with the melted

2 - 6” pie plates
1 roll crescent rolls
Spread into the pie plates,
Then prick with fork and
Bake for 5 minutes in 375° oven
Then pull from oven and divide
1 cup chopped mozzarella into
The bottom of the two pie plates.
Then quickly Fry about 1 1/4 cup of sliced mushrooms
In 1 tablespoon butter with a dollop of olive oil
Just until lightly brown…set aside and fry in the same pan
1 cup of tightly packed spinach rough torn only for one minute
until wilted set aside. If you don’t like spinach you can easily
use broccoli…or just add a bit more mushrooms.

Then make the custard mix to pour over the mushrooms.
2 lg. beaten eggs
4 tablespoons half & half
1/2 tsp thyme
1/4 tsp salt
Black pepper to taste.
Pinch garlic powder
Pinch cayenne pepper
1/4 cup grating cheese
Then add the spinach, and whip all

Then divide the custard into the two
Pie plates ( on top of the mozzarella)and then lastly
top with the mushrooms.
I smeared the edge of the crust with a bit of butter,

Baked @ 375° for about 15 minutes ( I forgot to set
the timer) just watch until the custard sets.

note: you can easily use this recipe to make one 9 or 10 inch
pie plate instead of the 6” individual ones…serve with a side salad.

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Oh yes. I haven't used them in a while but they are out in my face begging to be used.

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I was going to make chicken pot pie yesterday with my leftover chicken…but still not up to cooking, so, I made chicken salad instead. I made lentil soup and that finished me…going to freeze a big container of it.
I’m trying to decide what to make today…I start the day with good intentions, but, then fizzle out.

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Thinking about a mushroom in wine sauce or mushroom in wine and butter sauce for this.
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There's a longstanding coffeeshop in my boyhood hometown that makes all kinds of quiche. I usually stop in on my way back to my house. I haven't lived up there in 13 years now and last time I went the clerks were asking each other if anyone knew who I was. It's a touristy town on Lake Erie but November is way past the season for that.
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