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Late To The Party!

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My name is Cricket, and I'm thrilled to be here.

I am a bit intimidated by all of the culinary talents in this community, so it has taken me a bit to introduce myself.

For those who don't already know me, I have a deep passion for the great outdoors, especially camping. In the past, I cooked daily for my family of six using simple, old-fashioned recipes that I mostly learned from my grandmother. My go-to meals were classic comfort foods like pot roast, stew, and hamburger hotdish. Now that my kids are grown and out on their own, it's just me. I've realized that I'm not a big fan of cooking unless it's for camping trips. Cooking over a campfire, surrounded by nature, brings me joy.

Cookware and bakeware Automotive tire Tent Gas Cooking

I'm excited to be here and to learn from all of you. I'm especially interested in exploring cooking for one, with a focus on the Keto lifestyle. I'm here to listen, learn, and share my own experiences along the way. Thanks for having me!
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Hey Cricket! Welcome. I understand how it can be a bit difficult cooking for one as I had to learn to cook for 2.
I found buying things and separating them into portions for 2. You will portion for 1.
For example we shop at Costco and every thing is big. Instead of 2 steaks you have to buy 5 or 6. This is where my vacuum sealer is valuable. I portion all meats into 2 portions, vacuum and freeze.
You can buy small packs or "Steamers". Veggies that you can make in the microwave. And they are very good. In most cases better than whats in the produce section of the store. And fresh veggies are difficult to portion and save.
Things like 2 portion rice servings are great to. We buy Vigo yellow rice and its very good. Its 2 portions and all you need to do is bring 1.25 cups water or stock to a boil, stir in rice cover and turn off burner at 20 minutes.
You can buy frozen rolls (dough) you can rise yourself, bake and freeze. They are excellent. Bridgeford Parker House rolls.
And there is so much you can do before you venture out to nature. Preparing things before you go. Cutting up stuff and using freezer bags to transport in your cooler.
Lots of good info here and good people.
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