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How to cook Italian Sausage

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This is the way that I cook Italian Sausage…it come moist and delicious,
with a crunchy outside…it’s delicious and fool proof.

First poke some holes in the sausage with a sharp knife, then place the
sausage in a skillet…I prefer cast iron, but any skillet will do.

Then put water in the skillet half way up on the sausage and bring to a boil.
turning the sausages occasionally. Simmer until all the water evaporates and
then after all the water evaporates drizzle a little olive oil in the pan and fry the sausages turning occasionally until they are nice and brown…this only takes about 5 minutes.
pics to follow.
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I see those identical directions on most commercial sausage packaging. They want to make sure the sausage get up to the desired temp.
I just start on a medium heat and adjust accordingly.
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Air fryer. Breakfast links need 5 minutes @360. Perfect every time. A fat sausage like a brat or an Italian link needs maybe 8 minutes. A hot dog only needs 4 minutes.
I'm sure the air fryer does a good job. But I would rather have a frying pan to clean than the tray and basket with the air fryer. In fact it is this very reason I seldom use my air fryer. Cleaning.

I put a bit much water in the pan. It boiled fine. After 7-8 minutes of boiling and a couple of turns I poured off the water and added the OO. I made the mistake of relying more on time than complete evaporation.
There is absolutely no reason to start sausages in water or any liquid. I never do it and they always cook all the way through.
Just put your sausages in a cold frying pan and turn the burner to medium. Once they start to fry lower it to low and cover for awhile. Then remove the cover to brown up. This will cook them all the way through and crisp up the casing.
Using water at the beginning is done to ensure the sausage reaches a safe temp to serve. A fail safe if you will. It does not make the sausage any better.
Now I think beer and brats go well together. In this case I would cook the sausage as I explained above. Then add the beer and bring up to temp.
I have seen people cook them first in the beer then brown them up in the pan or on the grill.
Water is not required or necessary to cook, grill fry a sausage.
I never even heard of this until I read the cooking directions on the Johnsonville brat package.
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This is an old Sicilian method to cook Italian sausage…the sausages come moist with a delicious crisp outside…
I grew up with an Italian mother. She never used water or any other liquid to cook sausages. And she cooked a lot of Italian sausage.
I'm not saying its wrong. I'm just saying if this method is used to fully cook sausage, then that would not be required.
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Have you tried? When cool remove the tray and basket. Set the basket in the tray. Add some dish soap and hot water. Forget about it until the next morning. Using a stiff brush clean the wire rack. Rinse and load in dishwasher.
This is the reason I rarely use the air fryer.
With a pan I can wash it in the sink and put it away. I do add water right after I'm done in the pan to make it easier to clean.
Last night I decided to air fry some sirloin caps I have. I cut them into 2" pieces and threaded them onto skewers. Like a kabob. They had been marinating since Saturday.
I air fried them at 375° for 6 minutes the first side them 4 minutes the second side. They got over done. Still good but over done.
Today for lunch I fried those left in a very hot pan for about 2 minutes per side. Perfectly rare and much more tender than last night. I understand it was my mistake for the over cooking. But by the time the air fryer got the meat browned up, they were already over cooked. The ones I made for lunch were charred in 2 minutes. They were perfect.
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Yes Amazon for air fryer baking papers. They have various sizes and shapes. I use them often, reduces cleaning.
I use foil individual sheets that I buy at Costco. They fit the air fryer pan perfect.
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