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Gravlax, is a real delicious treat. …I make enough for

for 3 days…😋 and also made enough to make gravlax sushi

over Japanese sushi rice, with avocado, capers and scallions.👍

If you love lox you’ll love gravlax… it’s so economical to make,

as lox is soo expensive now. You can still get a hunk of salmon for 6.99

a pound, and that’s what you need to make gavalax.

You can read about it here… Cured Salmon Gravlax (crazy easy!)

Firstly, on a business trip to Norway, where the food is absolutely
wonderful and overflowing with salmon and grava lox…my son spoke
to a chef at one of the wonderful breakfast buffet spreads at the hotel…
he told him that his Mom makes Gravlax …the chef told him that after
I purchase the salmon I should freeze it for three days to make
sure to kill any bacteria…So, that’s what I now do.

To prepare the grava lox..wash and dry salmon first then generously
coat with 1/2 kosher salt, and 1/2 sugar, sliced onion, lemon, some sliced beets for the red color (I used beet juice this time) and lots of dill. You can also do a splash of vodka…Wrap the salmon with plastic wrap, and put a weight on top and refrigerate for 24 to 48 hours, turning it a couple of times. …( We usually do 24 hours) I buy a hunk of dill and cut it up the dill and dry it out on paper plates.

Then after it dries I put it in a jar…I like little bits of the dill on the gravlax
Then with a knife scrape off all the onions, lemons, salt and sugar…slice and enjoy.

We like it with extra kosher salt, black cracked pepper, capers and of course
cream cheese and onions. We like it on toast points of sour dough bread
white bread, and pumpernickel bread…I had two slices of white bread and two slices of sour dough bread…the head guy had all the rest😄

It is soo delicious.😋 pics to follow.

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You can still get a hunk of salmon for 6.99 a pound, and that’s what you need to make gavalax.
Oh, maybe where you live it's 6.99 a pound. I would not trust any salmon I could buy here (upper Midwest US) at that price. 🙁 However, buying it raw is still cheaper than buying it as smoked salmon of any kind. That routinely goes for $16-20 a pound or more.

Thanks for the recipe! One virtue of being here is that pretty much all the salmon you can buy here has already been through the freeze-out-the-parasites treatment so I could skip that step. I'll have to put this onto the rotation. The other eater in the house is not a huge fan of fish in general, so I'll be making just enough for me unless I can find some neighbors who express some enthusiasm.
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