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Easter Dinner

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As I mentioned elsewhere I prepared a Micheal Symon version of roast pork loin and Panna Cotta
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Wife had already gotten her plate full before I took pictures so some veggies are missing. I watched the episode on FN and looked easy and is really but I had problems. Mine didn't cook as quickly in a 450 deg oven as his did on his Weber with lid and my veggies burned/caramelized on the bottom. I say burned/caramelized because although there was burning the salt, pepper and smoked paprika in the pan seemed to give a sweet taste to the char. After an hour to hour and a half the pork reached temp in the center. Notice what looks like a typo in the pork recipe. Cook to 145 and remove, tent pork on cutting board, cook veggies, return roast and cook to 145. Doesn't seem right to I went to 165 and got the burned/caramelized veggies. Overall the roast and vegetables were good.
The panna cotta was sweet and creamy tasting as might be expected from a cream and half and half mixture. I added blueberries to the panna cotta. I cooked the roast in a 13" cast iron skillet and I'm getting too old to lift that thing into our wall oven. GAD that sucker is heavy when full.
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Looks nice to me. FYI the FDA says pork can be called done @ 145. I actually like that way. You may not.
The pork cooked on his show was a little more pink than mine and I was curious about 145 but couldn't remember so I went with 160.
A good enough reason to look at aluminum cookware.

Agree. Over cooked pork is not what I want. Especially the boneless loin above. Medium is the way to go.
I have other cookware and it was not overcooked, just doesn't show well in the pictures.
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