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When it comes to comfort food, I have two go-to options depending on my mood and my willingness to leave the house.

On one hand, there’s nothing like some fast food goodness from Taco Bell*. Give me two soft beef tacos, no lettuce or tomatoes, a nachos supreme and a Dr Pepper, and suddenly the world seems a little brighter.

On the other hand, I also love a good bowl of home-cooked carbs. A bowl of vermicelli soup, spaghetti or rice (with nothing but butter) can be just as satisfying as a fast food feast.

Of course, everyone’s go-to comfort food is different. So, what about y’all? Do you have different comfort foods you turn to, depending on the situation?

*Yes, I'm well aware Taco Bell is not Mexican food. ;)

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I could roll with that. I prefer hot and sour but egg drop is never really bad.
That she does not like but I love it and do make it.

I had to learn them both since it is 7 miles round trip and about $13 to get a pint of each. 2 pints at home cost less than the gas.
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