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Princess Try this 馃構
If you like cream cheese
and bananas.

Banana cream cheese cake
I used 3 very soft bananas from
my freezer鈥o, I added an extra heaping
tablespoon of flour and a pinch more baking
powder and baking soda. ( because of the extra
I also added a 1/2 cup chopped walnuts.

To the cream cheese, I increased the amount of
cream cheese to 3/4 of a bar (6 ounces) and added
1 extra tablespoon of flour and 1 extra tablespoon
of sugar鈥he last pic is when aI put the cream cheese
In before I put on the top layer of banana cake.

Baked at 350掳 for 48 minutes in my small ( 6 cup) bundt pan.
It was deliciouso! Recipe will be in the pics.

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